Anatolian Sacred Movements and Healing with Alper

Anatolian Sacred Movements and Healing with Alper

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • 20 hours over 5 days
USD $685 for 1 person USD $980 for 2 people Send Booking Request

Meet the Artist

Alper is a performing and visual artist trained in contemporary dance, improvisation, body movement, ethnic dance and massage based on Anatolian and Sufi culture. He performs on national and international stage and is a member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

The VAWAA experience includes

  • Contemporary body movements based on Anatolian culture.  
  • Sacred rituals like Sema-Semah whirling practices and body healing. 
  • Singing, dancing or visiting traditional Dervish lodge.
  • Participation in local Sufi gatherings.

Additional Details

You can opt for a 100-hour studio session, including a UNESCO certificate.

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