Textile Printing with Andrea

Textile Printing with Andrea

  • Bayonne, France
  • 20 hours over 4 days
USD $710 for 1 person USD $1,015 for 2 people Send Booking Request

Meet the Artist

Andrea is a textile designer and printmaker. She has been dyeing, painting, and printing textiles for over forty years. Using techniques that range from simple stencils to monoprinting, silkscreening and devoré, she crafts fabrics that can be used for everything from garments to tapestries. Besides creating surface textures she likes expressing ideas and telling stories with the juxtaposition of images. Her studio is a laboratory filled with inspiration, books and examples of her work. Within reach of Biarritz, San Sebastian, and Bilbao, her home is located in a haven for textile lovers with great local textile traditions. Great food, great markets, great music, great surf! She says "I just want to help people try -- people are scared to start, they are scared to begin, and I love to help people get past that fear."

The VAWAA experience includes

  • Developing a drawing or photograph into a piece of textile art either for the wall, to wear or for interiors.
  • Developing color, texture, and composition elements of a drawing or photo. 
  • Preparation of artwork onto film and the process of putting the design onto a silk screen using light sensitive emulsion.
  • Introduction to ways of coloring cloth using dyeing techniques (including shibori, dip dyeing) and painting.
  • Printing and decoration methods including silk screen printing with dyes and pigments, devoré, monoprinting, basic sewing and embroidery, and hand painting onto cloth.
  • Explanation of the various tools and equipment necessary and health and safety precautions.
  • Fixing the fabric if necessary in a steamer, washing and finishing.
  • All materials and your handmade textile to take back home. 

Additional Details

There is an additional fee if you require large amounts of fabric including silk. Besides English, Andrea speaks fluent French.

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