Wood Stamp Making with Duc Tri and Minh Thien

Wood Stamp Making with Duc Tri and Minh Thien

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 12 hours over 4 days
USD $550 for 1 person USD $700 for 2 people Send Booking Request

Meet the Artist

Pham Duc Tri and Pham Minh Thien, two brothers have been making wooden stamps for 20 years. They are the fourth generation in their family to ply with this trade. After mastering the art under their grandfather, they inherited the Phuc Loi trademark, established in 1923. Although they spend most of their time making custom stamps for local and international clients, they enjoy making stamps that others can’t, such as old drawings and calligraphy writings.

The VAWAA experience includes

  • Creating artwork.
  • Preparing wood block and tools.
  • Carving techniques.
  • Filling and sanding.
  • Your hand carved stamps made from long muc wood. These can be anywhere between 15 small or 4 large stamps depending on the artwork and skill.

Additional Details

This session has a special price of USD 580 for 2 people.

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