Photojournalism with Manoocher

Photojournalism with Manoocher

  • Martina Franca, Italy
  • 25 hours over 5 days
USD $1,270 for 1 person USD $1,450 for 2 people Send Booking Request

Meet the Artist

Manoocher is an award-winning photographer and photojournalist. He got his start photographing the revolution in his native Iran, and he has been documenting news, conflicts, and social and environmental issues around the globe ever since. Featured in publications ranging from Newsweek to National Geographic, Manoocher’s photography has helped tell the story of world events for over 40 years. Today, he leads a self-sustaining life in southern Italy, where he grows his own food and produces wine and olive oil. As generous as he is wise, Manoocher has more than a few stories to share and plenty of advice to give!

The VAWAA experience includes

  • Review of famous photographers’ artwork.
  • Discussions about role of art history in photography and editing, importance of pictures for humanity and how our perception of aesthetics influences our choice in photo editing. 
  • Technical aspects including composition, exposure, light and visual storytelling.
  • Photojournalism guidelines as it relates to ethics, interaction with subjects, and security in situations of conflict and social unrest.
  • Shooting assignments and feedback.
  • Photo editing and printing.
  • Your finished selection of photos fit for an exhibition. 

Additional Details

This experience can be extended for a longer duration. Besides English, Manoocher speaks Persian and Dari, Turkish, Azeri, Italian, French and Spanish.

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