Argentine Tango with Viviana

Argentine Tango with Viviana

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 20 hours over 5 days
USD $710 for 1 person USD $1,015 for 2 people Send Booking Request

Meet the Artist

Tango is in Viviana’s genes. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, mecca of tango, Viviana has been a tango instructor and performer since 1993. She has founded tango groups, taught classes, organized milongas and performed across Argentina, US and Europe. Between Argentine stage and social styles of tango, Viviana specializes in social tango. As a teacher, she is known to make this dance form accessible to a wide audience by distilling the essentials of tango. She focuses on connecting with one's own expression and discovering the relationship with others through a musical and emotional body language. As neuroscience suggests, she feels tango has the unique ability to produce large amounts of brain activity while maintaining a zen state of mind. It is sophisticated and challenging and can only be decrypted by getting immersed in Buenos Aires and understanding its culture, origin and constant evolution. Viviana’s passion will get you addicted to tango and Buenos Aires. She may even make you love Fernet!

The VAWAA experience includes

  • Experiencing Viviana’s everyday life in Buenos Aires, the tango capital.
  • One hour of private instruction everyday.
  • Two group classes to practice with other dance partners.
  • Two evenings dancing in Viviana’s favorite milongas in the city - one underground and one upscale. Includes entrance fees.
  • Watching a tango concert in a theater. Includes tickets.
  • Visiting local cafes that are known for their tango history.
  • Visiting Viviana’s musician friends for their regular tango music jams, if possible.
  • Option to visit Viviana’s favorite tango shoe store if you need to buy a pair.

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