How to Avoid Classic Tourism Learning Ceramics in Majorca

I decided to do a VAWAA because I like to travel, and I like to feel at home while traveling.

There are so many reasons why this was a fit for me: I live for creativity, I hope to meet creative people, I like to learn from people, I like to be surprised, I am curious, I like crafts and materials, I want to explore…

And I wanted to escape from the daily rhythm at home, to get into a new environment and learn from new horizons.

At the same time, however, I am slow and rather quiet, and I need concentration. I need to know the people before I get social. 

On my VAWAA, I was hoping to explore a new way of expression and learn a new culture from the inside. I was hoping to meet like-minded people, as well as find a variation on sculpture.  

I was hoping to avoid the classic way of tourism and instead give an extra dimension to my holidays.

I was hoping to learn.

During my visit in Majorca, time was a different kind of concept. We stayed on the island for two weeks, but we only stayed the nights at the same place, so we made a kind of road trip with Manacor and Anastasia's atelier as a fixed anchor point. After a few days I knew my way around and didn’t need the GPS to get to the atelier. That feels like home, which is nice. 

Because my stay on the island was longer, we could arrange with Anastasia to adapt the hours at the studio so that my ceramics could pass two times through the kiln, which is needed if you do glazing. Sometimes it was a bit of planning, but I am very thankful that she could offer this. I was so much looking forward to the glazing. 

Below is a series of pictures from my VAWAA with Anastasia and my time in Majorca, so that you can hopefully get a feel for my experience and what it was like to be with Anastasia learning ceramics.

VAWAA ateliers at Majorca (Picasso and Miro in the picture)


From Vilafranca to Manacor




Anastasia's place through the window

Shapes and happy faces

Eggs, water, sponge, and egg cup

Different kinds of clay 

Creating textures

Choosing colors

Painting with clay

Drying in the sun 

Porcelain spoons

Anastasia, filling the kiln

Lighting the kiln

Defining the glazes

Preparing the glaze

Spoons in combination with driftwood from Majorca

My first production

Back home

Words and photographs by Catharina Bossaert

Ceramics VAWAA with Anastasia in Mallorca, Spain

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