How to travel in 2017

Mural by street artist Pum Pum in China (photo: Pum Pum)

After the eye-opening, stunning, and far too frequently tragic events of 2016 — or the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, as it will surely go down in history — we have renewed ambition to make 2017 a year of thoughtfulness, creativity, and personal transformation.

This year, it’s perhaps more important than ever before to turn our individual energies into something collective and contagious; to travel and see and do and feel and speak and listen and unleash creativity.

Here’s how to travel in 2017:

Try your hand at slow travel.

Get more out of allotted vacation days by planning around long weekends and holidays — and send in vacation requests as far in advance as possible.

Travel with a curious mind. 

Explore and embrace things outside of your comfort zone.

Travel with friends. 

Shared experiences create deeper relationships.

Learn something new. 

Be fearless and unleash creativity, not just in honor of all the creative legends we lost in 2016, but also to master new skills and push yourself to excellence.

Bring back stories.

-- of experiences, new skills learned, and new connections forged.

Regardless of your goals for 2017, all of us at VAWAA would like to wish you a year filled of travels, creativity, beauty, peace, love, and, of course, art.

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