Rediscovering Inspiration While Photographing the Canary Islands

A shot of me in the sand dunes taken by Tomás

I really needed to be inspired again by a hobby I started years ago, but wanted to take it to a more serious and creative level. So, after hearing about this amazing experiential way of traveling from my friend Judith, I decided a photography VAWAA in Gran Canaria with Tomás was exactly what I needed to include in my vacation travels. 

Tomás gave me the encouragement to try new ways of seeing and the opportunity to explore the island and my own creativity, which I could not have done without an outsider looking in. For me four days were not enough, so I added another day so that we could explore another part of the island and also edit and review Lightroom, which I needed help in. This was exactly what I needed to kickstart a shift in a positive change for me.

The experience was awesome and very helpful. I still have Tomás in my head as I hold the camera to my eyes to shoot.

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, early morning trying to make our own first tracks of the day.

Black sand beach south of Las Palmas, as the tide was coming in…learning how to shoot at a slow shutter speed.

My depth of field lesson, turning nothing into something...

Tomás was my anomaly, I am trying to integrate people into my compositions to add a 3rd dimension.

This is also Maspalomas.

After an early morning of dune climbing, we walked on the beach before it got super hot and cooled off and then headed back up north.

With Tomás, I learned to love shooting into the sun…it was very dramatic.

A lone passerby at sunrise…Maspalomas...

Words and photographs by Caron Malecki

Vacation with Tomás in Gran Canaria

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