Ellen F.

Sweden > > > with Sim, Malaysia

It all started when... 

have always enjoyed working with my hands - sewing, painting and wood-working - but in my everyday job as an interior designer I almost never get the chance to do that since most of the tools are digital. So I have decided to do something inspiring, to learn a new technique and let my hands work hard for a while.

I felt very welcome and even though their level of english wasn’t very strong, I never felt uncomfortable or misunderstood. Poh was a good teacher - it was easy to follow and understand the different moments and I must say he had a great patience too! Overall I had a really great experience and enjoyed not only the course and the nice stay, but also the city, the nature and astonishing food of Georgetown (I ate as much as I could but wasn’t even close to be able to try out all the delicious things I saw at the street food stands). I felt very safe and people were helpful, generous and nice to me. I will remember these days forever. I returned home with a lot of inspiration and ideas and I look forward to continue with some own projects when I get the rattan material that I’ve shipped to Stockholm.

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