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It all started when...

I’m a designer, mostly in garments (knitting and up cycling) but I like to re-design old objects to give them a second life.

Story below was told to Huff Post Canada and Desi Globetrotter

For a long time, I wanted to learn to make doll heads in ceramics. I was quite interested in that, and there are lots of exhibitions about ceramics right now in Paris. I was interested in contemporary ceramics, but I didn’t know Katja worked in that technique, using plaster to do moulds. I’ve asked people to teach me that in plaster, but no one does it so she was the person I needed.

I was expecting nothing, just you know, I’m here for a week to learn ceramics, let’s see how it goes. And it was a huge surprise and a beautiful one. Spending days working on that project, we were both learning together and discovering concepts. Katja is a friend now, we Skype and I’ll be back in Slovenia in September to collaborate with her again. I really feel complete now, to have skills in fashion, knitting and ceramics. That’s why this project with VAWAA was really important to me. I was not conscious of that and now I am because I did it. It’s like I needed something else in my heart. Now I have it and I feel complete.

There was no tourism at all. I was in a ceramics studio in Slovenia and I was here for that. It was an immersive experience in ceramics for me. With something like VAWAA, you build a relationship with the artist and share ideas. It’s more than just tourism.

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