Nadeen S.

Healthcare Consultant, United States > > > with Tatjana, Netherlands

It all started when...

I wanted to do something different with my vacation. I needed to take a break from my work life and hear stories from people in other countries. This was my first time in Europe, and I wanted to have an experience that would let me interact with local people and culture. As a solo traveler, it was really fulfilling to spend time developing a new skill while exploring a new city. 

My favorite moments were walking around the unique architecture of Amsterdam's buildings along the canals while Tatjana shared the history behind the city. She took me to some great hidden spots in Amsterdam that I would surely have otherwise missed! One was a small neighborhood of tiny houses where elderly women lived. There was a gorgeous church in the middle and a very colorful garden. I will always remember sitting on a bench there next to the church on a nice morning as Tatjana explained the fundamentals of photography. 

At work, I often fall under the spell of project management with logistics and analytics and spreadsheets. I plan to use photography as a new skill to explore the creative side of my brain. This is a skill I can use to compliment my artistic side.

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